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Level26 Entertainment Music Founded in 1998 By Smoke Black // Level26 Entertainment started off as a independent promotions company working with companies such as Def Jam, Bad Boy Records, Interscope, and Sony. While in the promotions game, Level26 went on to host summer events and promote for different night clubs.

Presently, Level26 has promoted/coordinated industry events, celebrity releases, & launch parties. Currently, Level26 represents an array of DJ's and Artists while also providing music and event consultation to a wide-range of clients including KOCH Records, Honestea, Kipling, and TV1

Level26's relationships in a wide range of media and entertainment sectors provide clients with diversified content, relevant market intelligence, deep industry relationships, and a strategic vision directed toward producing unrivaled results for its clients.

From product launches to release parties to concerts and corporate events, Level26 has provided the mood and elegance to some of the most memorable and high profile events in the entertainment, fashion, & sports industries.

By consistently providing clients with thorough service and customized strategies, the continued success of Level26 is the direct result of the company's recognition of progressive culture and the music, fashion, and lifestyle that accompanies it. .

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


DJ Smoke Black Weekly Venues In NYC... 
Level26TV + High Profile media group


Sunday's - @ PRIME night club / 28th St * 10th & 11th Ave / www.9Fingerz.com

Monday's - @ TBA / Open For Booking's

Tuesday's - @ PLUMM night club / 14th St * 7th & 8th Ave / 

Wednesday's - @ SIN CITY NY / 2520 Park Ave 138th St / Level26TV

Thursday's - @ SIN CITY NY / 2520 Park Ave 138th St / Ciroc

Friday's - @ SAMBA's night club / 42 West Broad St Mt Vernon NY / www.9Fingerz.com

Saturday's - @ SIN CITY NY / 2520 Park Ave 138th St / 2520 Park Ave 138th St / So Sexy Marketing

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